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Aluminum Casting x Heat Sink

Different Products can be Manufactured Depending
on the Thermal Mechanism

More than a half century has passed since we started the aluminum casting business, and we have developed our technology and challenged various new things. One of our developed products is the aluminum casting type called Cold Plate (water cooling heatsinks) that integrates a pipe. Developing this product was started by the needs and wants of the customers. By sharing the ideas with customer and brainstorming about the technology issue, we developed the product. In those days, the Cold Plate (water cooling heat sinks) that we struggled to develop has become our Main products now. As the result, our manufacturing know-how has been accumulated, and we have been able to offer and propose various shapes that match the heat source, as well as work on large heatsinks.

100 Diversity Management Award

Our overseas highly skilled Human Resources are the key to Expand Overseas

After the Lehman Shock, we actively hired advanced human resources for overseas expansion of the company. As of now we have an employee from 7 countries, from the United States, Taiwan, Philippines, South Korea, Cameroon, Ethiopia and Iran, they are working with us. These human resources are not a normal worker, but our human resources that engaged in overseas marketing and R&D project. these people are one of the treasures of the company. The success of overseas human resources has expanded the potential of overseas business, and joint development projects and independent development have also increased. Our marketing staff is one of the strengths of the company, we are not only receiving an information in japan but also from overseas.

2015 100 Diversity Management Award

Sakae Casting Co., Ltd have an employment of refugees with specific activity qualifications. Also, the company doing a direct internship program contract with universities in Asia, America, Europe etc., After the overseas internship program, we hired the interns who were accepted and placed them in Overseas Marketing and R & D departments. By creating the business opportunities in overseas given the results that 80% of our sales ration in Japan is from overseas. Awarded 100 Diversity Management Awards by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry for evaluating the strategic employment of foreigners

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