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Our product : Air Cooling Plate

Digital Transfomation(DX), Big data, A.I…

The current digital market is growing very fast and comes with it is the new network connection “5G” service. This means that the digital traffic is going to be heavier than before. Data centers would also need far more bigger scale and high density server.

If the server density gets too high heat coming from servers will also go up. Personnels working in data center would need new thermal managment system and equipments.

To solve that problem, we are releasing a new cooling system for server racks. There will be better thermal management while ensuring the safety of server components. Our product can give you better solution for cost saving and energy saving in your data center.

Cool efficiency

Our product is capable to remove the heat from 3.4kW up to 5kW in a 24U size server rack while using less cooling power. In the 42U size case, Air Cooling Plate is capable to remove heat up to12kW. Air Cooling Plate provides a wide server density range and racks size cooling coverage. according our expriment data, it can be remove 60% heat from all of density and rack size.

Cost saving

According to our experimental data, Air Cooling Plate will be able to reduce the operation cost, as well as the initial cost. The Air Cooling Plate will be able to compensate the hot spot on the rack, also distribute the cooling load from CRAC. In certain conditions, Air Cooling Plate will even be able to perform excellent cooling efficiency without CRAC. You will be able to save a huge amount of operating costs with low initial cost.

Simple product design

Air Cooling Plate is designed under data center guidelines and regulations. So we have the advantages of comparing to the conventional cooling system : Thin / lite weight / fast installation. It’s a competitive cooling solution for all of the data centers.


Our product is ECO-FRIENDLY Data center spends too much energy, cost, and space. We made a new cooling product that all of its strengths can be considered ECO-FRIENDLY. With cost and energy saving through our plate, your data center also take reduce Carbon footprint. That is one of the important things with your data center


The experiment is done with a 24U size rack in order to compare 2 kinds on condition: Air-condition setting at 18°C only & Air-condition setting at 25°C + Chiller at 8°C and place the thermometer in different locations surrounding the rack. From the above experiment, power consumption can be reduced by 40% (in-house calculation) even if a chiller is used. On top of that, the temperature of the outlet is 24°C, which is just cool enough for the server. By applying this in the data center, the power consumption of the air conditioner can be reduced. Achieve a significant cost and energy cost reduction In a data center where eco-cycle is achieved, controlling cost and energy from the perspective of global environmental issues and cost reduction, this product has extremely good performance.

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