Available Positions

Manufacturing Department - Casting/CNC Operator
Sales Department - Marketing, Planning, Sales Associate
Research & Development Department - Design, Development, Testing

New Graduate Recruitment


Employment Form: Trial Period (3 Months), Opportunity to become Full-Time

Manufacturing Department: Creative individuals who want to master manufacturing (casting)

Sales Department: Individuals with a global mindset and can communicate clearly with others

Development Department: Individuals who have the creativity and can take action, and are willing to proactively learn and research new concepts


Employment of Seniors (Casting Department)


Employment Form: Trial Period (3 Months), Opportunity to become Full-Time

Qualifications: Those who are motivated to work and are energetic, and those who are familiar with manufacturing

Skills We're Looking For: Experienced individuals who are enthusiastic about casting technology



Internship Opportunities


Employment Form: Internship (Minimum 3 Months)

Qualifications: Students belonging to a university or graduate school (Japanese or English can be spoken, regardless of domestic or overseas) Required

Skills We're Looking For: Those who can take initiative/good problem solvers

Previous Interns have joined us from universities all over the globe

Work Location

350 Shimoongatamachi, Hachioji-shi, Tokyo, Japan



Interview Process

Please Inform us of your Intent to Apply

We will reply as soon as possible.

Send us your Resume/CV

After we reply, we will ask for your Resume/CV.

Interview with a Hiring Manager

If we think you are a good fit, we will follow-up and request to interview with you.

Video interviews are possible for remote candidates

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