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Collaboration Business with SALE FULL
For CAD design project

Our executive director established a SALEFULL trading incorporated in the Philippines to support Japanese Small and Medium Enterprises by utilizing the advance human resources of the Philippines.

Mechanical Parts Drafting

250,000Yen (Estimated in USD:$2274)
Monthly flat-rate Service

In recent years, telecommunications have undergone in major changes. It has become a common for people to be connected online anywhere around the world and the number of meetings through video calls are getting higher such as meeting via skype. We want to utilize this online system to jump over the distance and time hurdles in terms of “virtual support” and provide new CAD design services to everyone.

Service Overview

We will select one specific designer for our customer, it is like hiring a one CAD designer. Nowadays, hiring a CAD designer have become more expensive and it has become difficult to secure one. So, we are promoting a “Virtual Support”. “Virtual Support” is a system that can follow up customers using an application called video communication. Although the hourly charge was the mainstream in the drafting system but this “Virtual Support” service is a simple and clear price setting with a new monthly basis. Please feel free to contact us from the inquiry button

Service Contents

1. 2D ⇆3D Data conversion
2. Handwritten and Conceptual drawing
3. Disassembly drawings, Parts drawings, Parts list creation
4. Adding a dimension to data


Auto CAD

Acceptable file Format


Provide a handwritten drawing up to data production

Recommend for

1. For companies who is like, “I’m satisfied by using a CAD online designer, but we want to reduce our cost.”

2. For companies who spends a lot of time in selecting designers and getting a quotation

3. For companies who are looking for new services that can save time and effort in recruiting and educating new CAD disigner so they can rely on designs stably.

CAD Design flat-rate Plan

There is no need to select a contractor or get a quotation. We want the customer to feel that they hired 1 CAD designer with low cost. Do you have a lot of labor and time-consuming drafting projects? Since it can be used on a company-by-company basis, efficiency can be improved and the company can make up for it without recruiting new personnel if it is considered for the entire company, not for individuals or departments.

Working Flow Chart

Interms of meetings with customers and delivery, management and confirmation of data will be done by SAKAE Casting Co., Ltd