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On Going Project
Between the State of Idaho and the University of Idaho
Industry-Academia Collaboration Development Project

Given the lack of space and safety concerns regarding the cooling and storage of spent nuclear fuel generated after nuclear power generation in the world, SAKAE Casting Co., Ltd, Boise State University and University of Idaho have collaborated to develop a project of “Spent Nuclear Fuel Storage Cask” starting from Nov 2017.

The cask under development is being designed to introduce a cooling water circulation system to reduce contaminated water and provide more efficient cooling. Dry casks are typically kept cold in pools for 3-5 years and used for storage after the decay heat subsides.

Data Center New Cooling System

United States and England

In a very short period, SAKAE Casting Co., Ltd has signed a Non-Disclosure Angreement (NDA) with the two overseas company; United States and England. They are doing a joint Research and Development(R&D) and processing towards actual implementation. Currently, we are developing a first of its kind cooling system in a data center. We are working on joint development with overseas companies with new ideas.

Micro Pump Loop Pipe (PLP) Electronic Cooling Device

As we move to the 5G network, the information and communications will become faster and the capacity will increase by ten times. While the world is starting to be more convenient, one of the concern that remain is the Heat released by electronic Device. So, we are building a system to efficiently prevent the burden on electronic devices.

Micro for Electronic Device

Many product devices related to 5G are smaller than industrial devices. It is very difficult to find a cooling capacity while maintaining its small size. We have succeeded in manufacturing a compact cold plate that can achieve the sufficient cooling capacity.

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For those company who thinks that then I have the idea but I don’t know how to start, we understand that there are various factors how to start with R&D. For our proposal. “Would you like to start your project by collaborating with us instead of doing it alone? We created this page because we want to collaborate with different companies with similar interests. Isn’t it better for the company to collaborate instead of just doing it alone?

Collection of Ideas

CASE1 Prevention of Snow

The burden or accident of removing snow

In snowy countries, it is necessary to remove piled snow every year. Because, it is necessary to prevent the measure of the piled snow so they can prevent accidents. Since the population in Japan are decreeing, the elderly must work to remove the piled snow.

We are thinking of contribution to the local community by installing a water-based heater on the roof and create a mechanism that does not allow snow to accumulate on the roof and will reduce slip accidents.

CASE2 Space Colling

Electric Car Battery

Lithium batteries are sensitive to changes in temperature. If the environment is not stable, the battery capacity will be reduced, and the lifespan will be shortened. Extremely high temperatures can cause a thermal runaway or overheating, and low temperatures can activate batteries.

Instead of using a cut PLATE type, it is recommended to manufacture a BOS type so the internal space cools down, and it is thought that the battery life can be extended to make the problems lesser.

Please feel free to contact us about R&D partner ideas.