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Product Introduction and Features

The Aluminum Cast Water-Cooled Heat Sink or also known as Cold Plate of SAKAE Casting Co., Ltd have the following features. Please see the products example below;

Feature 1

Thin of the Cold Plate

The gap between the plates and pipes can be manufactured with a minimum thickness of 1㎜ or less. By manufacturing with thin walls, the overall volume can be reduced, and high cooling capacity and uniform temperature can be achieved. In addition, aluminum originally has a specific gravity of 1/3 of copper, it can be used for our products that require weight reduction.

Thin Product Example


φ300 ウエハー冷却用ヒートシンク
φ320 t=11 (パイプ: φ8)

This semiconductor wafer cold plate used for management the temperature. One of the reasons why it’s very important to make the product thin is to equalize the temperature of the plate.


Thin and Lightweight Heat Sink
Plate Thickness t=3mm

This Cold Plate used to cool vehicle batteries and various types of motors. It removes unnecessary thickness and has both high cooling capacity and lightness.

※For the Resizing and Customize Please Contact Us.

Feature 2

Reproduction of complicated shapes

By using our heat sink casting method, we will able to design the cold plate according to the height, size, diode, microcomputer and modules. Also, the figure below shows that, the both sides of the heat sink can be used for cooling and save the space. Our boxes, cylinders, rings, and other shapes that seems to be expensive in cutting process will be cheaper by using casting method.

Reproduction of example complicated shapes


Box Type Cold plate
For power transformer Cooling Box

On the side of the box, we provided a flow path to cool the power transformer inside the box


Fin Shape Cold Plate for Peltier Element and Chemical Temperature Control

On the surface of cold plate, we attached hybrid heat sink with fins for air cooling. It is also possible to control the temperature of the liquid that passes through its piping.

Feature 3

Temperature comparison due to differences in adhesion

The important factor to maximize the performance of Cold Plate is the gap between the pipe and aluminum heat sink. If there is a gap between the pipe and heat sink side, There will be air gaps and lesser conduction of heat. Trying to apply grease to fill up the gaps will not be the solution, because the adhesion will vary, and the temperature cannot be uniform. With casted heat sink, the cold plate with extremely high close contact between pipe and plate can be manufactured, eliminating the above concerns.

Comparison data of heat sink casting and cutting + pipe insertion (grease application)
※Data is our ratio only.

Contact to Pipe

In order to perform severe temperature control, the degree of adhesion between the heat sink and the pipe is very important. This data shows the comparison verification data of heat sink casting with high adhesion and a cutting heat sink with grease applied to the groove. Casted heat sink takes less time to cool and have lower stable temperatures than cutted heat sinks that are not completely adhered. The adhesion between the pipe and the plate is a very important point when manufacturing a cold plate,

Feature 4

Large Heat Sink

We can manufacture up to 1800 x 1000 (mm) water-cooled heat sink. Also, we can manufacture larger sizes of product. For the internal piping size etc., we can customize it per your request.

Large heat Sink (Product Example)


LED Light Filed Cold Plate

This product can be used for light source cooling of irradiation equipment and exposure equipment.


Urethane Sheet Molder

This is a mold for foam molding. We connect a flexible hose and heat the mold and by depending on the required temperature, we can also manufacture a mold that uses sheathed heaters.

Additional Service

Switching the product due to Water leakage

One of the biggest problems in Water Cooling is the leakage of water due to corrosion but we have never received any water leakage report to our company for the past ten years. We will select and assemble fittings and connectors. For the customer who can also used our product for the long-term use, maintenance is required.

Ex. Switching due to corrosion

This figure explains that, if there is a gap between the pipe and the heat sink, it will be deteriorate the heat conduction and there is a risk to consideration, freezing and corrosion will occur when cooling water is supplied.

Integration of assembly parts

When flange, cover or separate parts will be attached to the cold plate, it takes time and money to arrange and assemble parts by sheet metal and cutting. In the casting method, depending on the shape, it is also possible to manufacture those parts integrally with the heat sink.

Reduction of Cutting Time

Shapes that require a lot of cutting time, such as rings, cylinders, boxes, and R shapes, can be easily formed and mass-produced from wooden molds using our heat sinks casting.

Weight Saving

Lightweight Cold Plate (for battery and motor cooling in vehicles). Aluminum is a very lightweight material with a specific gravity of 1/3 of copper. By combining the aluminum and casting, it can be design and manufactured a thin and lightweight heat sinks.

Ex. Piping Casting

SAKAE Casting Co. Ltd have a different type of pipe materials; Stainless steel, Cooper, Aluminum, Casts Stainless Steel Flexible hoses and Sheathed heaters. Thermal conductivity changes depending on pipe materials that we use. We will customize the pipe materials depending on request. Please contact us from the inquiry box.

From planning up to development!

Total support to produce water-cooled heat sinks (Cold Plate)! Based on more than 10 years of water-cooled heat sink manufacturing experience, we will offer the best water-cooled heat sink for you.

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We will offer and, manufacture the product with the best design based on heat simulation!

Please contact us! We are suitable for the company like this

1. wants the simulation data before to start the production

2. needs help in terms of the piping settings (size, flow path, fittings)

3. wants to find out how much flow and cooling water temperature is needed

※The simulation data may show different result from actual verification results