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V process Method

V process method is the technology to make casting more clear surface,
cheaper and faster to improve working environment.

The Vacuum process

V process means Vacuum process. The feature of the V process is that, the sand in a dry state can be formed by vacuum (decompression), poured, cooled, and then the mold can be disintegrated simply by returning the mold to atmospheric pressure. Unlike conventional simple (CO2 process) manufacturing methods, it has been highly evaluated by customers in terms of cost and quality, especially in reproducing complex shapes with castings.

The Greatest Benefits of Using V Process Method

It can reproduce complex shapes with castings

Although it is a products with a complicated shapes are difficult with conventional sand casting, Such can be products with our V process method with high quality.

Cost Down by Using V Process Method

The V process method makes it possible to reproduce pin angles and thin-walled parts. That’s why the number of customers who are changing from cut products to our cast products is increasing. Also, cost and time can be expected to be shorter than cut products.

Incredible Casting Surface

A sand mold is formed using a special film for the V process method. Therefore, it is possible to produce castings with clean surface compared to conventional sand castings.

Additional Benefits of Using Aluminum Products!

Lightweight Aluminum has only specific gravity of about 1/3 unlike iron or copper.
Non- Magnetic Aluminum is called a non-magnetic material and is not affected by magnetic fields. Therefore, it is also used for delicate equipment such as measuring equipment and electronic medical equipment.
Conductivity Since the specific gravity is lighter than iron and copper, it can conduct electricity nearly twice as much with copper.
Thermal conductivity Good (about 3 times that of iron) * Al: 236w / mk Fe: 835w / mk
Can use recycled products The Aluminum products can be easily reused
Intensity If annealing is used the hardness of the product can be increased by heat
Workability Aluminum is known as a very workable material.