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Interested in trying the SAKAE Cool Door Risk-Free? [Contact Us Today!](

SAKAE High Sound Drum

Our Innovative Drum Collaboration with World-Renowned band Night Ranger


SAKAE's high sound drum is cast from our high-grade aluminum, which makes full use of our V-Process technology, cultivated through many years of casting. The drum has a solid body with a thickness of 6 mm, which is unparalleled and realizes an exceptional sound rise and a dynamic sound range.

The sound it creates makes use of the unique characteristics of the casting method, which is very different from other drums. You can easily feel the difference when playing the drum. The proven quality of the SAKAE drum is something drummers across the globe appreciate.

Special Embedded Pipes Regulate Air Flow, Producing High-Quality, Adjustable Sound

Highly Durable Aluminum Casted Product

Wide Tuning Range

Loud, Powerful Performance


Collaboration with Night Ranger Drummer Kelly Keagy

Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger)

Kelly Keagy is a drummer and vocalist of the American rock band Night Ranger. He uses the aluminum high-sound drums from Sakae Casting. He evaluated the drum as one with a wide tuning range and was able to produce a wide range of sounds.

Born in Glendale California and formed the band group, Night Ranger with Jack Blades and Brad Gillis in 1979

As of 2019, Kelly Keagy is still active in domestic and overseas tours, as well as recording activities.


Demonstration Video


"First of all, I felt that it was a very loud and powerful drum. However, it also has a gentle and sensitive side, and it can produce various sounds according to the tuning, so it can be used in various genres. In addition, there is no noise even through the microphone, and you can get a clear and beautiful sound without editing, so there is no doubt that it will show its presence even in recordings and large LIVE venues."

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- Keating Sean, Owner

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