Interested in trying the SAKAE Cool Door Risk-Free? [Contact Us Today!](
Interested in trying the SAKAE Cool Door Risk-Free? [Contact Us Today!](

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Be Edge Ready for the IoT Revolution


As the world shifts into 2021 and beyond, Edge Computing will become vastly more popular with the incoming 5G and IoT craze. However, with this new technology, comes new needs in terms of data center infrastructure.

The value of the edge data industry is expected to grow along with the importance of lowering latency.

The increase of IoT devices used pushes the boundaries of data and communications, testing the limitations and capabilities of network bandwidth.


A New Thermal Companion


All IT equipment requires appropriate supporting infrastructure, including proper power and cooling. This often includes a UPS to keep equipment running in case of power disruptions, and possibly additional cooling. Racks and enclosures are also needed to keep equipment safe from environmental and security risks. Even cooling is particularly important to ensure cool airflow is distributed evenly through the servers.

SAKAE Casting offers a thermal cooling solution designed with Edge in mind. We’ve conducted thorough tests and simulations to ensure our product provides industry-leading cooling capability with limited downtime.

Let us be your thermal companion, and experience the key advantages our technology can bring to your facility.

Discover Insightful Thermal Data Simulations


The current digital market is growing rapidly, and comes with it is the new network connection “5G” service. This means that digital traffic is going to be heavier than before. Data centers now need higher capacity server racks more than ever.

With more servers, comes the need for more efficient cooling solutions. If the server density gets too high, heat coming from servers will also increase. Personnel working in the data center would need a new thermal management system and equipment.

We offer enhanced thermal management while ensuring the safety of server components. The SAKAE Cool Door provides superior solutions for cost-saving and energy-saving in your edge data center.


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