Interested in trying the SAKAE Cool Door Risk-Free? [Contact Us Today!](
Interested in trying the SAKAE Cool Door Risk-Free? [Contact Us Today!](

SAKAE V-Process Casting

We make High-Quality Castings Cheaper and Faster for your work environment


The "V" in the SAKAE V-Process method stands for Vacuum. SAKAE uses this unique casting process for all aluminum casts. The most prominent feature is that sand in a free-flowing state can be shaped by decompression, poured and cooled. From here, the mold can be disassembled by returning the mold to atmospheric pressure.

Unlike the conventional CO2 process manufacturing method, it is highly favorable in terms of cost, quality, and especially when reproducing complicated shapes.


Tough and Durable


High Electrical Conductivity

High Thermal Conductivity

100% Recyclable & Renewable

How V-Process Works


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Reproduce Complex Shapes


We are capable of casting complicated shapes. Doing so is difficult using the traditional sand casting process, but the V-Process method can do so with high-transfer performance. Since every product requires processing only once to be cast, costs are the same for both simple and complex shapes. If the product you are looking to manufacture requires complex or irregular shapes, the SAKAE V-Process method may be perfect for your project.

Beautifully Cast Skins


Using the V-Process method, sand molds are formed with a special film. Therefore, it is possible to manufacture castings with a beautiful surface compared to conventional castings. The sand molds hold their shape due to the vacuum process and can be collapsed by returning the atmospheric pressure to the casting mold. Our sand molds allow for clean surfaces, that are smooth and not rough or rugged.


Time & Cost Reduction


The high transfer performance of the V process method makes it possible to reproduce pin angles and thin-walled parts, and an increasing number of customers are changing from machined products to our cast products. Compared to cut products, cost and time can be expected to be reduced.

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