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High Sound Drum

The SAKAE Casting Snare Drum is manufactured using the technology cultivated over many years of casting. It was made from a solid body of 6mm thickness with a good sound rise and dynamic sound range. By taking advantage of the unique characteristics of casting method, our SAKAE Casting Snare Drum sounds very different from others. We want our uses to experience the difference of the sounds when they use our product. Also, the Local artist in Japan appreciate our SAKAE Casting Snare Drum. The sound of SAKAE Casting Snare Drum proves quality beyond the country.

Selling Price ¥250,000

(Estimated in UDS $2,303.50)

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Kelly Keagy (Night Ranger)
× Sakae Casting

Kelly Keagy, known as a Drummer and Vocalist of American Rock Band Night Ranger, used SAKAE Casting Snare Drum. He also evaluated the SAKAE Casting Snare Drum and said, “This drum has a wide tuning range and gives the sound that we want”. For more information, please refer to the interviews and the shots from the videos below.

Kelly Keagy

1952:Born in California, USA
1979:Kelly Keagy, Jack Blades and Brad Grillis form a band group named “Night Ranger”
1989:Night Ranger disbanded but got back together in 1991
2019:Until now they are still doing a local and International tour and recoding activity
His representative songs as Lead vocals are “Sister Christian” and “Sentimental Street”
Night Ranger Official Web site

Unique manufacturing method
proves a high sound

As a proof of the high sound, only the SAKAE embedded pipe can regulate airflow inside the drum. When the drum was hit, the air vibrates and moves from the top to the bottom. By adjusting the movement, we can offer a different type of sound.

High Sounds

Since the air goes through quickly, the user can enjoy the higher sound. We can offer an enjoyable experience by the new sense of sound using pipes that never existed before

Comment from Drummer Base Mr. Shawn

The Advantage of Sakae Casting!

Mr. Sean said. “I felt that the drum was very loud and powerful. However, it has a gentle and sensitive aspect, and can produce a variety of sounds according to the tuning, so it can be used in various genres. Also, there is no noise even through the microphone, and you can get a clear sound without editing, so it will definitely show its presence in recordings and large live venues.”

Keating Sean

Born in Australia
He is an owner of a drums bass that manufactures and sells custom drum kits and order made drums. He is also a big part of developing the SAKAE Casting Snare Drum.

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